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Let's Start!

Introduction Everything begins with a small session of introduction. Here is my introduction. I left my job to make my favorite hobby a full time work. My interest was always in writing scripts and executing them by making a short film. I sent two of my short films to a film festival. I had very limited resources to and knowledge of making a short film. I am glad that they made it close to the final round. I then decided to get into photography-cinematography full time to monetize my hobby. People say that everyone should have a minimum of two hobbies: One to earn and another one to relax. I have always been fond of driving a car. With my preference subconsciously shifting to my work, i hardly drive but i when drive, it is to commute from client's location to my destination. So now driving a car is also a part of my work. When i realized this, i started to seek something that was not at all related to my work. Hence, random blogging!